Eight Qualities of a Wealthy Person


According to Suze Orman, the following are the 8 Qualities of a Wealthy Woman. These qualities can be utilized for men or women because many people have the desire to be wealthier.

My new year’s resolution is to practice each of these qualities a bit more by focusing on at least one quality each month. For January, I will focus on cleanliness because I have several areas in my home which could use more organization. I tend to be fairly organized anyway but I’ve noticed that we really do NEED less than we have stockpiled in my house. My closet is bursting with clothes I never wear. I plan on putting up shelves and sending clothes and household items to Goodwill Industries.

Losing weight is a common resolution for people in January. Rather than working on losing weight in January, I plan to work on the quality of Beauty by taking better care of my health and body. My approach is not to focus on losing pounds but to reenergize my body with exercise, good nutrition and portion control. I know that this approach will quite naturally allow me to also shed a few excess pounds and thus honor the Beauty quality.

Action Item: Read the qualities below and choose one to incorporate into your life starting for the month of January. Your first thought is usually your best thought and one that resonates with you. Choose a quality and clearly define what it means for you. If your quality is Harmony, think about and write down what Harmony means for you and what it does not mean. Then decide how you will incorporate those ideas into your life in January.

  1. Harmony: Everything you think, say, feel and do are in harmony in your life. Practice providing honest yet respectful feedback to people in your home and worklife.
  2. Balance: Think of your life as segments which include: career, money, family, significant other, health, friends, knowledge, physical environment (where you live). Finding balance in every area of your life is an important because if one area suffers from an imbalance (such as being unemployed) then other areas of your life will quite naturally be affected. Make better decisions based on how it will affect every area of your life.
  3. Courage: You are able to control the fear that keeps you from being and doing what you need to do. Think of a car. If you allow the fear to be in the driver’s seat, it will take you where the fear wants to go. Strap the fear in the backseat and become the driver of your own vehicle towards wealth.
  4. Generosity: As they say, you can’t take it with you. By spreading your wealth, you allow it to do more, foster more growth and live beyond you physical life.
  5. Happiness: Define your happiness by more than what your balance is in your bank account. Find and foster what makes your soul dance for joy. Wake up each morning doing a quick and simple act that makes you happy; reading, looking out the window at nature, stretching, saying “I love you” to a family member.
  6. Cleanliness: Having an organized home and work environment allows your mind and your body to be less cluttered and frantic. If you have trouble with cleanliness and organization, find a way to have your kids and other family members do more cleaning or get someone to clean by bartering your services.
  7. Beauty: Rather than having a full closet, dress for success by choosing classic and well-made designs. (this step reduces clutter too). Take care of your health and your body. Take a daily walk to energize and rejuvenate your mind and body.
  8. Wisdom: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Wisdom is allowing your occasional failures to become positive lessons in life. Listen and learn from those lessons and incorporate what you have learned into your life to be and do things differently.


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